The Merricks General Store

The Merricks General Wine Store is an iconic establishment featuring the best wine and bistro on the Mornington Peninsula.


Built in 1922 by the Joyner family, the store used to be a post office and a meeting place for the local rural community. It also became a favourite spot for day-trippers and surfers who dropped by for their pies, chips, hot chocolate and milkshakes.

Fast forward to 1997, the store was briefly operated as a restaurant and gourmet food pantry, however, it was rundown by the early 2000s. The new owners restored the building and reopened it as a café, convenience store and cellar door.

In 2008, the general store was bought by the Myer and Baillieu families. By spring of the same year, Merricks General Wine Store opened as a brand new provedore, bistro, event space, and cellar door.

Wine and Bistro

Today, the Merricks General Wine Store is considered one of the best wineries and dining destinations, not just on the Peninsula, but throughout Australia. Nestled between the beautiful rolling hills and amazing coastlines, both locals and tourists visit the store for their fine wine, good food, one-of-a-kind art, and fresh produce.

Merricks House

The Merricks House features some of the best art pieces from across the country. It was built by John Joyner in 1926 as a new home for his daughter Tilly and her husband Alf Weston. Shortly after moving in, the young couple planted a Flaming Kurrajong seed. The plant grew to a tree and now stands in the garden between the house and the general store.

The old home was renovated in 2013 to provide a space for art exhibitions of significant Australian artists and sculptors.

Baillieu Vineyard

Located in the Merrick North, you’ll find Charlie and Samantha’s beautiful Bulldog Run property. It is home to the famous Baillieu vineyard and many contented cattle. The property practices sustainable viticulture to craft the world-class Baillieu Wines, which are produced from grapes that are hand harvested from the vineyard.

Elgee Park Vineyard

Since 1958, the Elgee Park has been a cherished home of Baillieu and Sarah Myer. The family developed the land from a sheep grazing property to an environment that features a beautiful vineyard, cattle and quarter horses, and many other stunning artworks. It is home to more than 400 vines and has the largest private collection of contemporary art sculpture.