Did anybody say cheese? If you’re looking for the finest handcrafted cheese on the Mornington Peninsula, look no further than Main Ridge Dairy.

Known as the pioneers of cheese production on the Peninsula, Main Ridge Dairy has been handcrafting award-winning goat cheeses since 2001. Proudly Australian made and owned, all their cheeses are made from 100% farm fresh milk from their own herd of goats. The 130-acre property, which is located just 90 kms from Melbourne CBD, presents the ideal climate for rich pastures of nutritious grasses to be enjoyed by their goats.

The Main Ridge team takes pride in being passionate about making delicious tasting cheese packed with farm fresh goodness and flavour. They are also passionate about taking care of their goats, which they call the heroes of Main Ridge.

Meet the Heroes

Main Ridge is currently home to 200 goats. Most of their dairy goats are of the Saanen and Toggenburg breeds, and each of them are individually named and cared for. The dairy farm was built to be gentle on the goats and the milk they produce. They believe that if the goats are in harmony with the environment, they will produce superior products.

Where’s the Cheese?

Main Ridge Dairy Handcrafted Cheese are created using traditional methods in a sustainable manner, resulting in the highest quality cheeses. After milking the goats, the fresh milk is turned into a range of handcrafted cheeses, all produced in-house within the property. Some of the cheeses you’ll find at the farm are:

  • Caprinella – A mild, moist semi-hard table cheese that exhibits a slightly sweet, nutty after taste.
  • Capony – A semi hard goat’s cheese, exhibiting a slightly sweet, caramel flavour and a smooth supple texture.
  • Marinated Chevre – Delicate, soft, and creamy slow set lactic curds immersed in garlic, lemon, and rosemary flavoured olive oil blend.
  • Cashmere – This delicate fresh curd is gently hand ladled after an overnight slow set lactic coagulation. It has a slightly sweet, tangy, citrus flavour and can be used as a spreadable cheese suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes.
  • Capriole – A lightly ashed, white-mould ripened log with a fine dense texture from slow set curds that are hand ladled. Mild when young it matures to a strong velvety paste with slight goaty flavours.
  • Cilia – This traditional Normandy Camembert style cheese slowly transforms from a mild chalky texture when young developing a delicious robust flavour with a hint of mushrooms and an oozy texture when mature.
  • Feta – A traditional feta that is dense and creamy, but slightly crumbly in texture. It is aged and preserved in brine.

Main Ridge cheeses can be purchased at Main Ridge Dairy farm via their online shop.