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A Bird Watcher’s Guide to the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is home to hundreds of bird species. You can find them flying and wandering around the lush wetlands and vast wilderness in Victoria. If you want to spot these magnificent feathered creatures in their natural habitat, grab your binoculars and be ready to traverse the peninsula. There are over 250 bushlands reserves around the peninsula that provide refuge for wildlife. Visit any of these bushlands, such as the Red Hill Bushland Reserve for a chance to spy a wide variety of parrots including long-billed corellas and gang-gang cockatoos. If you’re lucky, you may spot a laughing kookaburra, [...]

By | November, 5th 2018|

The Kid-Friendly Holiday

Going on a holiday with your kids is a great way to strengthen family bonds. It is also a way for them to enjoy and experience the world away from home – opening them up to different people, different sights and sounds, and different activities while they’re still young. The Mornington Peninsula has a wide range of activities and exciting landscapes that both parents and children can enjoy. If you’re planning a vacation with your kids, here’s a fun 3-day itinerary to get the most out of your trip. DAY 1 Check in to one of Amberlee’s spacious cabins and [...]

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Cycling the Mornington Peninsula

There is so much to see around the Mornington Peninsula – pristine beaches, vineyards and wineries, nature parks, markets, and historical landmarks. To truly experience the laidback vibe of the area, you can go walking, sea kayaking, or cycling. There are a number of cycling trails that you can follow to truly explore the beauty of the peninsula. Cycling is a great way to take in the scenery at a slower rate than if you roared past in a car. And if you’re an enthusiastic cyclist – it is an excellent way to check out the Mornington Peninsula. If safety [...]

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Meet the Cute and Cuddlies of the Mornington Peninsula

On top of the magical sights and scenery, the Mornington Peninsula is also home to a wonderful array of wildlife and biodiversity. The ecosystem includes over 400 species of native animals. From reptiles and marine creatures, to mammals, the wildlife is truly diverse. Here are some of the ‘cute and cuddly’ mammals that inhabit the peninsula… well, ‘cute and cuddly’ to look at from a distance! Never actually approach or touch them… because remember, they are WILDlife! Wombat Wombats are short-legged, marsupial mammals that are native to Australia. They can grow to about 1 metre in length and are known [...]

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A Culinary Adventure in the Mornington Peninsula

When visiting the Mornington Peninsula, why not take yourself on a culinary adventure to some of the best cafés, wineries, and restaurants in the heart of this charming paradise. Here are a few of the best food spots to include in your itinerary: 1. Laneway Espresso Coffee in the morning is always a good idea! Start your day with a good cup of coffee from Laneway Espresso. Located in Point Nepean road in Dromana, Laneway offers artisanal coffee, decadent pastries, and hearty meals including the classic BLT burger. 2. The Long Table Highly rated for their innovative seasonal menus, The [...]

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5 Top Attractions of the Mornington Peninsula

Whether you’re out to explore the countryside or simply enjoy a weekend by the beach, the Mornington Peninsula has loads of attractions and activities you should check out. Peninsula Hot Springs People come to the Peninsula Hot Springs to enjoy a relaxing bath in the geothermal pools and experience the pampering services. If you want to enjoy different bathing experiences, head over to The Bath House. It is a bathing area featuring various nature inspired pools such as the cave pool and the hilltop top pool with an amazing 360-degree view of Mornington. For those who want some pampering and [...]

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