The moment you step into the grounds of the Peninsula Hot Springs you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a haven of luxury and relaxation.

These natural hot springs and day spa are only 10 minutes drive from Amberlee and we can’t recommend them highly enough!

Imagine thermal mineral waters flowing over your body as you relax in the pools and private baths. The surrounding gardens and landscape design add to the haven of privacy and peace.

The Bath House has over 20 bathing experiences including a cave pool, reflexology walk, Turkish steam bath, sauna, cold plunge pools, family bathing area, massaging thermal mineral showers and hilltop pool. This pool offers a magical 360 degree view of the region around the hot springs.

The Spa Dreaming Centre features ‘tranquil spaces’, private pools, and a marvelous range of spa treatments designed to make you feel incredible.

If you feel it’s time to relax and revitalise your body, mind and spirit, then the Peninsula Hot Springs is your ultimate pampering destination.

mornington peninsula hot springs