Lazy Joes Restaurant 2018-02-12T00:46:25+00:00

We’re going to make a big announcement here… Lazy Joes Restaurant has the best gourmet pizza on the Mornington Peninsula!

Yes, yes… it’s a bold statement – but you’re sure to agree once you partake of these fine pizzas. Taste the fresh toppings, cheese that melts in your mouth, aromatic garlic and herbs, spicy sauces, juicy kalamata olives, marinated eggplant, fresh seafood toppings and the finest meats… and you’ll be a Lazy Joes convert! There are plenty of vegetarian options and gluten free bases available as well.

And the dining experience doesn’t end there! You can also enjoy other delicious traditional home style Italian cooking including pastas, risottos, pestos, lasagnas, meatballs, and bruscettas.

… convinced yet?!